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Patch 27: Issue 47: Email substitutions are not working....

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6 years, 3 months ago by lemonad
5 years, 5 months ago
termie, adewale
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Issue 47: Email substitutions are not working.

The templates for email were designed to be expanded with RequestContext()
so {{SITE_NAME}}, etc. would be available through the processors defined in
common/context_processors.py. However, the templates are instead expanded by
Context() since, I assume, the email functions are not always called from
views that could pass on an HttpRequest object.

I added the local variables needed for template substitution. I changed some
of the subject headings and templates to pass on users' full names more
concistently. I also capitalized full names and nicks where appropriate.

Lastly, I removed trailing spaces so the diff unfortunately shows some
additional changes due to whitespace.

Patch by: Jonas Nockert

Patch Set 1

Total comments: 3

Patch Set 2 : ''

Total comments: 4

Patch Set 3 : Revisited patch, fixed tests, etc.

Patch Set 4 : Forgot one of the files

Patch Set 5 : This should be it. Promise.


Total messages: 3
http://rietku.appspot.com/27/diff/1/2 File common/mail.py (right): http://rietku.appspot.com/27/diff/1/2#newcode147 Line 147: subject = '%s invited you to %s' % ...
6 years, 3 months ago
Apologies for the untimeliness of my reply. The SITE_NAME addition is great, but the usage ...
6 years, 2 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
I've reworked the patch now and hopefully it's looking a bit better than before.
I got rid of all the full names as you suggested. The only place I'm a little
bit dubious about removing it is in the invite template where it might actually
serve a purpose.
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